Matt Schultz

Matt Schultz,
Head of Energy Storage
Enel X Australia

Matt leads the energy storage business for Enel X Australia, with a focus on developing a network of behind-meter and front-meter batteries across Australia’s distribution network. Enel X operates Australia’s largest Virtual Power Plant (VPP) made up of a network of commercial and industrial businesses who are flexible with their energy use, providing dispatchable assets to support the energy transition towards renewable power.

Matt has worked with Enel X and predecessor companies for 11 years across every aspect of the business including energy markets, business development, solution engineering and strategy. Most recently he was responsible for establishing the new product strategy for Enel X Australia, leveraging on the experience of Enel – one of the largest electricity companies in the world that has also appeared on Forbes ‘Most likely to change the world index’. This work has culminated in successfully launching our new eBus-as-a-service and Storage offerings in Australia. Prior to this, he played a pivotal role in building Enel X’s market leading VPP position, which today manages up to 200MW across multiple programs in every mainland state of Australia.